Saturday, May 27, 2017

Activity Day Girls Baby Shower

I work with the 10-11 year old activity day girls at church.   The last meeting before baby was due- Ruth, my partner in the calling, told me she had the activity planned and ready for Wednesday.  I was glad since I was pretty tired, busy and out of energy.  When I got there, they yelled surprise! And to be honest, these girls are so silly they would do that any day for our meetings! Ha! So it took me a minute to realize this was an actual surprise and it was for me!
They all helped so much and it was DARLING! They all had a food or activity assignment.  Two girls had games ready to play and the others brought food for our party.  Henry was there and was pleased that there was cheese.
Some girls even brought a few gifts! What a fun fun fun surprise! Thank you Ruth and girls!

Easter 2017

Egg dying with Mommy.
A visit from the Easter bunny (Kayla's bunny).
Candy in the clerk's office.
Aillon Family dinner with Easter egg hunt.
Garner Family dinner with Easter egg hunt.

April Things 2017

A quick trip to Sams Club in between conference sessions- Henry was amazed by a display. 

Sustaining the leaders. 

Mowing with Daddy.  Is this the cutest ever? 

Reading in the car.

My pregnant self. 

This tree grew from a seed in our garden.  It was too close to the wall and we tried to transplant it.  It is actually doing AMAZING.  I need to get a more recent photo up. 

Evening swimming in his pools. 

Dinner at Costa Vida and of course have to see the fountain after we eat. 

Our ward egg hunt.  

His total Summer outfit. 

These trays are kept in the clerk's office at church for teaching the young men.  Henry always snags them and walks around with them after church. 

Henry is such a help around the house.  We ask him to empty the garbages in the bathrooms- which he does! But sometimes forgets to bring the can back, 

We had our carpets cleaned one morning so Henry and I got breakfast at Denny's.  Their new pancake recipe is so good, people. 

Henry has asked Abuelito many times to put his carseat in the Cobra for a ride.  It happened. 

Pregnant bra shopping.  I almost cried three times out of frustration, boredom, and from being so hot.  But I did come home with TWO! 

I had gestational diabetes again.  It went well.  I dieted and monitored very well. 

Our ward friend, Debbie had her baby 3 weeks before our baby.  Henry and I got to visit them in the hospital.  He specifically asked to hold him, then pushed me away so he could have baby all to himself. He was so reverent and in awe of this little person.  It was absolutely special and adorable. 

First time to the Easter Pageant as a family.  It was actually very hard for me to sit on the ground for so long being 9 months pregnant.  And my swelling reached a new level since it was pretty hot already.  But Henry was super snuggly as we cuddled as a family and watched.  That was worth it. 

Saturday morning open swim at evo swim school 

This perch, this face, this boy. 

Hunter treated himself to a new custom suit.  Here he is getting fitted.  

And here's Henry trying to be patient. 

More grandma nightgowns and more belly. 

Henry lays like this when he has poops.  But its cute. 

Cottage cheese mustache.  Is that a thing? 

Taking a moment of peace in the Costco cooler.  A man nodded at me and said "my wife was the same". 

Henry still rocks a crib.  He sleeps so great, how can I try to change anything? 

Casual TV viewing. 

The swelling is so real. 

A trip to the pet store.  I purposefully didn't get any photos of animals. 

Always trying to get this boy to eat more fruit.  Raspberries are usually a win. 

Has never fallen asleep on me.  He is so good about wanting to take naps or go to bed, so we usually don't get to this point.  ShaLyne had brought me lunch and he just didn't want to miss the visiting.  So he snuggled by me on the couch.  It was so great.

Tantrums from my view. 

My last photos of Henry before his baby brother came.  These make me so emotional.  How is my time with him alone over already? 

Making shelves with Daddy in the front yard.  Henry HATES the sound of power tools.  That needs to change. 

Decided to take a break from shelf making in the car. 

Another lawn mowing session.

Hunter's work had a family open house.  We went to check it all out.