Monday, January 16, 2017

One post that should be five.

After Christmas, Henry still clung to these Gerber toddler puff snacks.  And wore Mickey Christmas PJs like a boss. 

Grandpa Garner had a birthday and his two favorite grandsons helped him celebrate. 

I've been helping my dad with some work projects and Henry and I were on-site a few weeks ago.  He is watching Toy Story in my dad's truck.  Being in a truck, watching a movie was about the highlight of Henry's life. 

Hunter threw this backpack on Henry for fun and I couldn't handle how old he looked.  

My sweet boy perched on Grandma's sofa one Sunday evening. 

Downward dog? He just does this.  Also it was his 20 month birthday. 

Henry got right down comfortable with the Cars toys at the Disney store.  I love seeing him get so happy and excited about things.  This day at the Disney store he was SO surprised/ thrilled to see all his favorite characters.  I cried a little because I was so happy that he was so happy. 

Henry likes to be on the floor.  And his blanket.  and taking off his socks.  And putting his feet in the air. 

Probably because his Daddy does it too. 

Last Saturday looking at houses for fun with Daddy. 

Hunter and I on a date to the Temple.  Hunter's teeth look gnarly. 

I just love these pajamas. 

Henry sits like this often.  Again because Daddy does.  And they just laughed and stared at each other for like 15 minutes. 

Henry sleeps like a champ.  But eats like a punk.  I try super hard to feed him better and I'm realizing more and more that he's going to be just fine.  But still there are days like this where he climbs on the counter, gets down the block of cheese, and snuggles up on the sofa to have cheese for dinner. 

Family movie night.  Henry had his hand on my belly, trying to feel the baby.  After a while I covered my belly back up.  But then Henry pushed my arm away, and pulled up my shirt again and placed his hand back on my belly.  Sweetest. 

Playing and organizing play doh.  His little voice was counting "one...thweee" over and over. 

A morning at the Gilbert Temple grounds. Henry noticed the humungous building for the first time in his life.  He said "wow" so quietly and in awe. 

He loves the floor/ ground. 

Pizza at Costco.  Where he didn't want to sit by me.  But he ate the whole piece. 

At cousin Lincoln's third birthday party, he saw Grandpa and went right up on the couch and did this.  Henry NEVER snuggles like this for no reason.  It was pretty sweet. 

Petting his baby cousin. 

A Saturday at the car show with Daddy, Abuelito and Mommy.  One of his favorite things, for reals, is sitting in cars and playing with all the buttons and knobs and switches.  So when he got endless time and endless cars to go sit in and explore, this kid WAS IN HEAVEN. 

And shoes. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Goals

2017 Goals- Year of getting HEALTHY.

(And to me healthy also means thin.  I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to be thin.  It kind of bugs me on media all the debate on how we should have a goal to be healthy rather than skinny or thin.   Honestly.  Most people who are thin are a lot healthier than those who are overweight.  And a natural, scientific result of eating better and being active is loosing weight. Rant over.)

- Eat two vegetables and two fruits every day.  (To some this is ridiculous but this will be an improvement for me.) 

- one dessert per week.

- think "low fat" and "low carbs" when cooking and ordering at restaurants

- cut portions, never get "full"

- no eating after 8:00pm*

- 30 minutes or more of aerobic exercise MTWRF*

- Yoga MWF *

- other form of strength training T R*

* Since I am pregnant and not in the best physical condition I have to watch my workouts to keep my baby and my body safe.  I also sometimes need a snack after 8pm because I am pregnant.  These four goals will kick into effect after baby is born.  But I will do at least 15 minutes of walking etc. MTWRF.

Other Goal:

- Be nice: keep your mouth shut when its not a nice thing to say, compliment others, smile, be positive. 

2016 Goal Review

Last year's goals are HERE.

Also here:

Simplify- do less, say no to things, less social media, throw stuff away, spend less money.
I feel like this happened.  I am always throwing stuff away.  And especially in the last half of the year I really made a conscious effort to spend less money.  And it went really well.  To continue on this, I would like to do less social media- which for me is Instagram time wasting.

Save Money
I actually did but only for Christmas.  Hunter and I saved our normal amount each month, and then I did a little more which really helped at Christmastime.  To continue, I need to put away more for Christmas and emergencies. 

Savor Mom Moments- choose Henry over less important things.  Which is basically everything.

Of course every mother could improve on giving attention to her children, but I really think Henry and I had a great year and I journaled, blogged, videotaped and photographed so much this year.  I also took in moments of just watching this little miracle. 

Skip the Sugar- No sweets except for a few cheat days spread throughout the year

Yeah..... this happened until February.  And then again in July and August.  And then I got pregnant and it was over.  I will always need to limit my sugar. 

Go to the Temple three times per month

It is HARD to get to the temple a lot with a child.  I was definitely there every month and most months I went twice.  But probably not three times.  

So this past year was a simple goal list- which went with my first goal.  It went well, but I didn't have them posted around the house like I usually do.  That will definitely happen this year.  

Twenty Months for Henry

A couple of days ago little King turned 20 months.  
I don't even know where to start with how wonderful Henry is.  
He is happy, calm, learning to be obedient, animated, a perfect little sleeper, loves to play, watch movies, see kids and babies, his blanket.  He dances, smiles, laughs when he's so happy. He likes cars, trucks, playing rough with Daddy, mints, frozen blueberries, cherrios, life cereal and frosted mini wheats.  He signs "more" and "please" all day long.  He yells "Mommy!" and "Daddy" he says "no" all the time.  He says "hi" and waves good bye.  He says "more" too, come to think of it.  When I'm guessing what he wants/ needs, once I get to the right item he says "okay" in the most simple non dramatic way.  He recognizes pictures of Jesus everywhere.  He folds his arms for prayers, church and when he feels the Spirit.  He loves loves loves nursery.  He can do peg puzzles really well.  He likes to read.  He says "wow".  Which is so cute. He wears size 2T, has all teeth but four molars, takes a bath every night, we brush his teeth.  He likes to take his socks off immediately when he wakes up. He sleeps from 8:45pm- 9:00am.  He takes one nap at 1:30pm for 2 hours on average. He can take his shoes off.  He understands everything we say, and has retrieved items for me.  I can't even say Toy Story or "movie" or he will go into a fit wanting to watch something.  But if I put it on for just 10 minutes or so, he's okay when I turn it off.  But sometimes he watches the whole movie.  He will rarely sit in his high chair seat.  Mostly he stands on a regular kitchen chair to eat.  He likes the freedom of being able to get up and down by himself.  He always wants to take my phone.  When he does get it, he's in youtube immediately watching either David Archuleta's Gloria, or a Mickey Mouse cartoon.  His Mickey Mouse shirt from Todd is his favorite shirt and the only item of clothing that he gets excited to put on.  He likes to pretend to type on the computer fast like I do.  He likes to sweep and vacuum.  He's never been afraid of the vacuum.  He makes me cry when he's so happy. 
I love you, Henry. 


Here's the child's 20 month video interview. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

December/ Christmas 2016

We got Christmas decorations up right after Thanksgiving.  Henry decided our Christmas quilt was one of his favorite parts.  He's been snuggling and playing in our bed all month. 

Took a quick evening at the Riparian After Dark.  We had been delivering neighbor gifts earlier that night at it was quite warm.  When we got to the riparian the weather seriously changed and it was very very cold.  So our night of lights got cut pretty short! 

I've just loved this little boy all bundled up. 

Henry actually did really really well keeping the ornaments on the tree.  Every few days he'd remember and take a few off.  But it wasn't like we had to keep the whole bottom ornament free.  Henry is a pretty obedient baby. And this is one of five Christmas PJs this boy got. 

Baby had the anatomy ultrasound that we all went to.  And yes it is definitely a boy!  We all wanted another boy so bad.  And now Henry and his brother will be almost exactly two years a part. 

One day, the tree lights decided to do this..... 

There are 26 strands plus the star on the tree and we must of shorted them out.  Hunter came home to my rescue and found the blown fuse right away.  He was using the screwdriver to open the strands, so when he dropped it on the floor for a minute, Henry picked it right up and started helping his Dad work on the Christmas tree. 

I love this photo of our Christmas house. 

More Christmas PJs and a climber. 

Nona came over to make sugar cookies and I love this picture of Henry looking right at her. 

Before a party about three days before Christmas, we stopped at Hunter's parent's house and the tree already had all these presents.  I couldn't find Henry for a few minutes and then saw him here- just touching and moving the presents.  He was about to rip one open but I caught him! 


We had just watched Luke 2 from the Church and Henry totally felt the Spirit.  He sat on the couch and watched it with us.  And after a few minutes he folded his arms.  Whenever he folds his arms I know he feels the Spirit. 

Henry was ready for bed on Christmas Eve.

Showing us his belly button. 

Once Henry had been bathed and snuggled up to sleep, we finished up Christmas prep.  And got the camera ready for morning.  And we took our annual "Parents Christmas Eve Photo".  At least thats what I'm calling it. 

More of us on Christmas Eve. 


We went to church which was so great.  We started with I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.  And I tell you, that song is instant tears for me.  I just felt so full of gratitude the entire meeting.  

Opening presents at home.  Henry's favorite were the Gerber baby puffs. He just sat and ate them once he opened them- totally uninterested in anything else. 

Presents at my parents. 

More puffs. 

My face.  Making sure the camera's remote was working. 

Then we headed to Garners.  I was super lame about taking pictures there.  My nose was really congested and I was feeling pretty worn out already.  But we did have our traditional meat, cheese, relish and dessert spread all over the kitchen.  Most of us can agree that this food is our favorite part of Christmas.  Then a 2 hour kids opening presents session.  Followed by everyone changing clothes and then taking our family pictures.  
Then coming back to the house for grown-up present exchange (another 2 hours) and lasagna dinner. 

Also- our hot cocoa party was the day after Christmas this year since Christmas was extra packed with church and family pictures.  We had a better turn out than usual and it was probably my least stressful one.  We might stick to this day-after thing.