Thursday, July 27, 2017

June 2017


Henry just wants to be right by Indy. 

Tucson Temple open house! Boys did so great on the short road trip.  What a blessing to be there as a family. 

Swaddle wraps.  We used them for about a week.  And pacifiers too. 

We walked in and found Henry like this.  Playing baby. 

Posed himself. 

Indy's blessing day! Truly the best days.  

Henry leaned over towards Indy for 90% of the photos.  He just loves him. 

These baby boys got blessed all on the same day! 

Got a super nice fancy double stroller that I'm so excited about! 

Pool ready.  

Evening family swim at the Wayments. 

Carli's Bachelorette party! 

Is he flipping me off!? I just realized this. 

Carli's wedding day! Indy drove with us to the Phoenix temple.  My cousin, Laura, lives like one minute away.  So he stayed with her for the hour during the sealing.  Henry hung out with my parnets in Gilbert.  Then we drove back with Indy (catching Shake Shack in Scottsdale on the way.) Then the boys were at Hunter's parents for an hour during the dinner and then we all danced together at the reception! Whew.  What a day! But so so so so so so so so happy for Carl!!!

Indy gave me one of the hardest weeks of my life in June.  Taking 3-4 hours to go to sleep at night, not napping and being just unpredictable.  I learned to let go, trust the Spirit.  I also learned that every baby is so different (and continues to be) and that Indy has acid reflux! That was the most helpful.  We got him medicine and by the time we got to the beach house- he was sleeping like a champ and being so happy.  Oh and I stopped eating chocolate. 

Sunday evening at Nona's house.

Looking back I see that Indy has a bad stomach ache/ gas/ reflux. 

Costco date with my Indy. 

Henry's wardrobe beats mine. 

Hunter made this track for Henry's car one evening.

Father's Day.  Didn't get any good photos or any at all with Hunter's dad or Hunter.  Hmmmm.  Fail. 

Abbie is over for a playdate and is reading to the boys. 

Quite possibly the best picture I will ever get of the two of them .

So much love. 

Beach House post coming next! 

Coming home from Oceanside we stopped at Torrey Pines and did a little trail. 

May 2017

The beginning of May we were still in the hospital from having our darling Indy Joseph.  We came home May 3rd.  What a fabulous month getting to know our new baby and mold into a family of four.  These photos are totally out of order and I don't have time or energy to put them in order. 

Henry sharing his blanket with Indy.  Henry has exceeded all expectations for an older brother.  

Cousin Emerey came (with her parents) to visit new Indy.  Henry happily held them both.

Still love my chats and one on one time with Henry.

He is so little and handsome here.  

See now this is the end of the month.  Two brothers on a couch. 

This one was taken on Indy's one month birthday. 

His cheeks. And skinny legs. 

Little "glow worm" baby.  

Me and Debbie with Indy and Oliver.  

Stu and Hunter with Oliver and Indy.

Gettin stuff done. 

Baby friends.  
Kelsie with Reid (4 days old), Me with Indy (10 days old) and Debbie with Oliver (3 weeks old)

My mama with my baby.  Best Nona in the world. 

Getting my snuggles on with my baby. 

Mother's Day.  

Indy's 10 day check up and circumcision.  Yikes.  That's why Daddy is here too. 

Carli's bridal shower! 

Henry gobbling up freshly baked cookies and looking just like Hunter! 

Indy's first bath. 

Pizza night on the floor with a movie because Daddy has been showing houses ALL MONTH LONG. 

A visit from Auntie Madeline from Chicago. 

Henry is always getting on Indy's level.  (and in his business! haha) 

My good looking boy. 

Taking a chill in mom's bed. 

This photo is funny because we were at a wedding reception and I look over and Henry had got his own cake from the cake table. 

And then walked in on Henry helping himself to some rice in the pot. 

Memorial Day was also our 8 year wedding anniversary this year.  Hunter putting up the flag. 

Lunch at Smash Burger.  Where Henry had a huge stomach ache and was in the bathroom with Hunter for 20 minutes.  But! he pooed on the toilet and since has continued to do so!  YAY! 
When we got in the car, I got Indy out to nurse him before our next errand and he had a blow out poop.  Happy Anniversary! 

Later that night at the splash pad. 

Hunter being the best dad. 

Okay this is the oldest photo in the bunch.  Indy as a brand new baby. 

Leaving the hospital as a family. 

Henry snuggling up in the hospital bed and watching Peter Pan with me. 

Getting home, Henry was quick to begin entertaining Indy.  Here he's reading him books. 

How Henry's doing as a big brother. I got this. 

And lastly, May was rough on me physically.  Besides nursing day and night, I left the hospital with a low blood/ iron count.  Here you can see how white I am.  My energy was so low.  I had to eat a lot, especially iron rich foods.  And drink a lot and rest a lot.