Wednesday, October 5, 2016


If something happened and you didn't blog about it, did it really happen? 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A few things from August 2016

Taking Sunday School breaks with Daddy in the clerk's office.  With Sweet Tooth Fairy cookies. 

Meeting one of his seven "betrothed" baby girls, Dora at a wedding! 

"Sick" at the doctor. 

Deciding how the furniture should be. 

Using his resources to get what he wants.

Partying with Kayla for her birthday at not one... 

but two cupcake shops. 

I got released from Stake YW and will miss these ladies TERRIBLY.  But I'm sure we will still get together and go eat food once in a while. 

At Kayla's Sweet Sixteen Luau Party.   Yes we were invited.  And yes we hung out with high school kids all night. 

Henry's first carousel ride.  His little hands knew just what to do.  Also funny, that stamp threw him off and he kept picking at it for hours. 

Not being able to handle the ride home from the mall after the carousel.  Also he is in a forward facing carseat now!  

Watching videos of himself with his Nona. 

Henry is becoming a pro at downward dog.  He does this daily.  

Getting free rides at Home Depot in his crocs. 

Waiting for my dad to get home so they can go on Gator rides.  But Henry really knows how to drive it by himself.  I'm kind of serious. 


I have to document him eating vegetables. 

Henry really likes his dad the most.  They play and play hard when Hunter gets home.  It's the coolest. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

San Fran Video!

My sis in law, Sarah, finished her Christmas video this week (yes it's August but it was worth it!).  And it was soooo good! It inspired me to finally finish our San Francisco Video.  So here it is!

Friday, August 5, 2016

First Haircut at the Barber

We've trimmed Henry's hair at home and done a terrible job.  And now that he's a person and not a baby, I thought he should have a good haircut.  Our sister in law Sarah's dad is a barber and he's nice.  So we took Henry there.  Henry could not handle the cape, but sat on the booster like a King.  

He liked the buzzers around his ears and on his neck.  

He ate pretzels the whole time. 

At the end he sat on my lap because he was over it.

And then he got his first sucker and was SO HAPPY. 

I can't handle his cute in these pictures. 


For my birthday in January, sweet Hunter bought me tickets to the Weezer show in August.  

Honestly, we are some pretty lucky people.  This was an outside show and it's August.  But we had a HUGE monsoon that evening and it ended up being like 75 degrees and breezy.   THE BEST.
(Also.  I am very old sounding when I am not even talking about the awesome music, but more concerned about the comfortable weather.) 

We got Costa Vida on our way.  Henry stayed with Aunt Tara and Uncle Spencer. 

That's all.  Here's some pictures. 

I like how my hair is whispy in this one. 

15 Months

Here's a little update. 

This past Sunday, Henry stacked blocks for the first time on the kitchen floor.  He also drug a chair in the kitchen right to the edge of the carpet and then went to Hunter who was lying down on the orange sofa and started hitting him and pulling on his shirt to make him get up.  Then brought him to the chair and made Hunter sit in it.  We were laughing.

I am now having Henry walk when he gets out of the car instead of being carried.  I am teaching him to hold my hand and/ or follow me and come when I call him.  He’s doing well and I think he loves the freedom.  

Every night we check Henry before we go to bed.  I just stare at him and my heart aches because he is so big in his crib.  He is so long.  HE is a boy.  Not a baby anymore.  Like really.  It’s happened.  He’s not a baby.  It makes me cry now just stating that fact.  

In his 15 month photos that I took right before lunch, Henry is so stressed out because he wants to hold the camera.