Friday, February 23, 2018

February Weekend

Friday night started like this:
so you know it was going to be a good weekend. 

We had dinner as a family at Flancers.  Its becoming family date night on Fridays and then Hunter and Me on Saturdays.  Good times. 

Indy was so done with the day so he went to bed and we got to hang with Henry. 

Saturday morning I had two showers, but only one photo.  Congrats, Carli and Marco!
(And Annika, not pictured.)

Then some sloppy photos from Galentine's Day celebration.  Andrea, what a party this year! 

Kristen and I were matching at Gal Day.  Perfect, if you ask me. 

Then I came home to this:

Such cozy porch dwellings.  Then Hunter and I had dinner at the Keg and grabbed some gelato to go share with his brother and wife and some good chats. 

Sunday morning wake ups:

And my show-stopping baby boy (who is huge) after church. 
And who will only wear long ties now "like daddy".  

Garden Dinner

Its gorgeous outside right now.  Indy and Henry and I sat outside in the front yard waiting for Hunter to get home.  Henry got this tricycle from a neighbor whose grand children were done with it. 

Afterwards we went and picked a bunch of vegetables from our garden and I prepared them all for dinner.  We've never had garden broccoli, cabbage or carrots before, but YUM! 

Monday, February 5, 2018

NorCal Trip October 2017

Snow Day 2018

thirty three

I'm thirty three and feeling like I still need to figure out how to be a grown up! haha! I am more and more confident in my life, my personality, and my quirks and strengths.  But I am always seeing where I fall so short and wanting to be better, thinking I would be better by now.  
But! I do know how to eat good food and shop.  And that's how I spent my birthday! 
And with my favorite people of course. 

Breakfast with my boys and my mom. 

I love this picture of me, because this is how I feel, my boys always around me.  And I love it.  And it reminds me how much I loved this moment outside before we left.  

Henry giving me all chill while I found a new wreath. 

Sweet Tooth Fairy hangs. 

After a nap (thank you, boys), Hunter came home and we met up for Liberty Market.  Their fish specials are the best.  Henry is sitting on my mother here. 

Indy loves me so much. 

I love this family of mine.  Everyone says that and its repetitive and sometimes bland to hear, but when I think that that's all we really know how to express it- I get it. 
Joy in life is from family.  

Later that evening, Kayla offered to  babysit (best birthday present ever) and Hunter and I went on a Monday night birthday date. 
First to Living Spaces (eh), Lolo's for some stupid fries, and oreganos for a birthday pzookie. 
This is my picture from that date... I need to do better.  

January 2018

Henry's glare.  He was actually really happy beause this is the day we hiked with his cousins.  He names them off specifically.... "ben and mikah and jake and maesyn".  

Indy's hair is so long we've got to start combing it.  He looks 100 times even more cuter. 

We had a very extended winter break with Nate's family in town.  

The night before they left, everyone came over for hot cocoa and smores. .... and half naked dancing with Uncle Hunter. 

Yearly trip to the Barrett Jackson car show with the boys.  Henry was really into it this year which is making this tradition get better and better. 

Henry putting himself down for a nap.  We came home and I didn't know where he went. 

Indy's cute bib bandana he got for Christmas from his cousin.

Post temple night frappuccinos. 

His face is too much for me here.  I love him.

Sunday fajitas at Nona and Abuelitos.  I love sitting out side so so so so so much.

Indy's got his arm around me here after church. 

More car show.  So out of order. 

Indy's not so sure about brother time in the cozy coupe. 

Why is this the only zoo photo that loaded to my computer? Weird.  But it was an unseasonably cold day, that we had a great family time. 

Oh and we played hooky one Monday when the snow stuck for like 48 hours and we went up to play with Benson and Sarah. 

Indy's faces always just say "i'm pleased" to me. 

Impromteu dinner with friends at our too often favorited, Gecko Grill. 

I'm buying dresses on clearance in hopes for a girl some day.  Poor Indy was my model. 

A day trip with Stephanie and Owen and Nora to the Phoenix Children's Museum.  LOVED IT.  

Indy's 9 month photo shoot. 

That Henry bombed.  But he's always invited to do so. 

I've never seen Hunter's face so clearly in Henry.