Friday, August 5, 2016

First Haircut at the Barber

We've trimmed Henry's hair at home and done a terrible job.  And now that he's a person and not a baby, I thought he should have a good haircut.  Our sister in law Sarah's dad is a barber and he's nice.  So we took Henry there.  Henry could not handle the cape, but sat on the booster like a King.  

He liked the buzzers around his ears and on his neck.  

He ate pretzels the whole time. 

At the end he sat on my lap because he was over it.

And then he got his first sucker and was SO HAPPY. 

I can't handle his cute in these pictures. 


For my birthday in January, sweet Hunter bought me tickets to the Weezer show in August.  

Honestly, we are some pretty lucky people.  This was an outside show and it's August.  But we had a HUGE monsoon that evening and it ended up being like 75 degrees and breezy.   THE BEST.
(Also.  I am very old sounding when I am not even talking about the awesome music, but more concerned about the comfortable weather.) 

We got Costa Vida on our way.  Henry stayed with Aunt Tara and Uncle Spencer. 

That's all.  Here's some pictures. 

I like how my hair is whispy in this one. 

15 Months

Here's a little update. 

This past Sunday, Henry stacked blocks for the first time on the kitchen floor.  He also drug a chair in the kitchen right to the edge of the carpet and then went to Hunter who was lying down on the orange sofa and started hitting him and pulling on his shirt to make him get up.  Then brought him to the chair and made Hunter sit in it.  We were laughing.

I am now having Henry walk when he gets out of the car instead of being carried.  I am teaching him to hold my hand and/ or follow me and come when I call him.  He’s doing well and I think he loves the freedom.  

Every night we check Henry before we go to bed.  I just stare at him and my heart aches because he is so big in his crib.  He is so long.  HE is a boy.  Not a baby anymore.  Like really.  It’s happened.  He’s not a baby.  It makes me cry now just stating that fact.  

In his 15 month photos that I took right before lunch, Henry is so stressed out because he wants to hold the camera. 

Last Thursday and Friday evenings

Thursday night Hunter went to the temple.  We are taking turns on weeknights to go so we don't have to get a babysitter every week for temple night and date night.  They could probably be the same night but sometimes you just want to do something else for date night.  
When Hunter got home, Henry took his clothes off and we put Hunter's tie on Henry. Then they ran around and played a laughing game of hide and seek.  

Friday night Henry got really into his car.  Here he is telling Hunter with sign language to pull him around. 

Hunter being the best dad, took Henry outside so they had more room.  It was so hot.  So we came in after 4 minutes.  But this picture of them! 

So we came inside and wrestled and laughed on the floor. 

Until Henry wanted to sit on the orange chair and drink water and suck his thumb. 

And then we went to Burger-Fi in a wonderful Monsoon downpour. 

Visiting the Library

Trying to escape the house and also the heat, we went to the library.  Henry's first time was only 20 minutes long because the library is a government building and they probably only had the air set at like 85 degrees.  And it was really gross and hot in there.  So we left pretty soon.  But Henry loved to run around and yell.  We probably would have been kicked out anyways. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Splash Pad

We met Stephanie at the splash pad today.  I forced Henry to get wet.  He was okay with it, he just would rather watch the kids and try to play with the kids.  He is a friendly boy.  

Then we had a fruit pouch. 

I loved him sitting up on the bench all by himself.

Then he had a great nap and when I went in to get him, he had flung his diaper off.  Not cool. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beach House 2016

Henry and Hunter loved to sit on our balcony and watch the cars and people go by. 

We all loved out big bed. 

Had a great church time in the Oceanside ward. 

One of my favorite beach traditions: Sunday night stroll. 

Beach days. 

Making friends with beach go-ers all over and around us.