Sunday, November 6, 2016


Cars are Henry's favorite right now.  And this weekend he got two "Henry sized" cars.  His little tikes cozy coupe which he LOVES SO MUCH I THINK THEY INVENTED THEM FOR HIM.

And then my parents got him a real battery operated "Gator" just like my dad's real one that Henry likes to ride all the time.  The joy in Henry's face when he gets to ride it all by himself is incredible.  And he waves at us all watching him in awe.  I think I should put him in pageants. 

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! 

These are all kind of backwards from chronological order....

Our ward Fall Festival.  
Tiger Lilly, Peter Pan and a Lost Boy 
Hunter shaved for his costume. 

At my parents ward party a few nights earlier. I only got a picture with my Dad. 

And Hunter's parent's party.  Again, only a picture with his Dad.  

On actual halloween, we had a dinner at the Fife’s front yard.  Henry was running around with all the other kids and I was nervous about keeping an eye on him.  Then we went trick or treating.  After the second house Henry totally understood what was going on and was so pleased to go from house to house and gather candy. 
The next evening, he saw his Peter Pan hat and wanted it put on his head, so Hunter did, and then motioned that he wanted to go trick or treating again.  So Hunter took him outside and they walked around and then came to our door a few times and I put candy in his pumpkin bucket.  

A trip to Vertuccio Farms

Henry loved the huge bouncing thing.  And going down the huge slide with Daddy.  And then the smaller huge slide by himself.  And riding the train.  And smiling for mom in the pumpkins.  And wearing Fall clothes when it was still 90 degrees outside.

This little face is so Henry. 

Not the best iphone pic but you get an idea of Henry coming out of the slide.

Can you tell they're sweating? 

He is getting SO GOOD at smiling on command. 

18 month baby boy Henry who is not a baby

Here's a park photo shoot overload to celebrate my little man's 18th month birthday. 
Henry, you bring so much joy to my life.  
Everything is fun with you.  Everything.
I miss you at night when you sleep.
Your smile and laugh are incredible.  It makes me feel joy. 
Your facial expressions are one of my favorite parts about you.
You have so much love that you share so easily with others.
You are incredibly good looking.
I love you always and forever.
xoxoxo, Mom 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


If something happened and you didn't blog about it, did it really happen? 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A few things from August 2016

Taking Sunday School breaks with Daddy in the clerk's office.  With Sweet Tooth Fairy cookies. 

Meeting one of his seven "betrothed" baby girls, Dora at a wedding! 

"Sick" at the doctor. 

Deciding how the furniture should be. 

Using his resources to get what he wants.

Partying with Kayla for her birthday at not one... 

but two cupcake shops. 

I got released from Stake YW and will miss these ladies TERRIBLY.  But I'm sure we will still get together and go eat food once in a while. 

At Kayla's Sweet Sixteen Luau Party.   Yes we were invited.  And yes we hung out with high school kids all night. 

Henry's first carousel ride.  His little hands knew just what to do.  Also funny, that stamp threw him off and he kept picking at it for hours. 

Not being able to handle the ride home from the mall after the carousel.  Also he is in a forward facing carseat now!  

Watching videos of himself with his Nona. 

Henry is becoming a pro at downward dog.  He does this daily.  

Getting free rides at Home Depot in his crocs. 

Waiting for my dad to get home so they can go on Gator rides.  But Henry really knows how to drive it by himself.  I'm kind of serious. 


I have to document him eating vegetables. 

Henry really likes his dad the most.  They play and play hard when Hunter gets home.  It's the coolest.